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The Broad

If you are ever in the Los Angeles area come visit The Broad museum. the good news is that it is a free admission museum but the bad news is that there is always a super long line. Definitely plan ahead when coming here because it was about an hour and a half wait when I went. Once I entered the musuem what caught my eye was the giant table and chairs because I am already a short gal I felt even shorter standing next to the table and chair. There were also other large sculptures there as well as artwork. One attraction that I was not able to go to was the star room which also had a line and you have to make reservations ahead of time. Overall, this museum has various contemporary art that allowed me to see art from a different perspective as well as have more appreciation for different art styles. I have taken art history courses in the past and my favorite was European art. I remember being super intrigued to hear all of the stories my professor shared about each art piece. What is y…

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