Travel and Adventure

Growing up I was always curious about the world that we live in. I also had a love for different cultures. I remember reading books on Egyptian mummies or the Korean Cinderella when I was in elementary school. I always felt connected to culture when I was younger, and even now that connection has not changed. Being able to travel is a great way to experience all of that, and honestly you don't have to go out of the country to do so. Traveling to a new city in the state or country that you live in is already an adventure of its own. If you have the opportunity to travel outside of your country it is a one of a kind experience. It's honestly an absolute treasure to be able to explore another world outside of your own such as being in a new city, seeing new buildings, and trying new cuisines are some of the many best parts about going abroad. No matter the distance of your adventures you will learn something new, and have tons of fun doing so. All pictures were taken by me!
First picture is an outside shot of our plane in Buffalo, New York. We couldn't exit the front door so we had to go through the back due to maintenance issues. How often do you get to see your plane outside? It was pretty awesome, and a nice way to start the morning.
Second picture is the window view of Buffalo, New York inside of the airplane.