Street Pizza in NYC

New York is known for many things such as fashion and architecture, but it is also known for the vast restaurants spread across the state. Pizza is definitely a thing here, and honestly I can see why. My family and I came across this shop as we were walking back to our hotel. The place is called "2 Bros Pizza." The pizza shop is on the side of the street with some tables on the outside. Inside the shop there are premade pizzas ready to be baked, and set on the front counter. When I took that first bite of the pizza, I tasted a buttery thin crust. It tastes similar to the personal pan pizza crust at Pizza Hut. The toppings are given generously, and some toppings are new to me which is unusual to a nonresident chick like me. The first pizza that I tried was a Meatball and Ricotta (yes, there are actual bits of cheese on the pizza) it was so delicious. The second pizza that I tried was a Meat Lovers (pepperoni and bacon) with Broccoli which was also really good. Every single bite for both of the pizzas were filled with toppings. I have to say that the pizza here is different than the companies that we are familiar with such as Dominos or Papa Johns. Many of the pizza shops in New York are either independent or family owned. I recommend giving street pizza a try if you are ever in the area because it is definitely unique! 

Top: Premade Pizzas
Middle: Meatball and Ricotta pizza
Bottom: Meat Lovers with Broccoli
(All photos are taken by me).


  1. These pizzas look so good!


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