The Sugar Factory

There have been many advertisements for this place which most recently was endorsed by Kylie Jenner. We have all heard of this place through social media or might have walked passed it during our travels staring at the window that leads us to candyland. I have to say that I am guilty of being attracted to vibrant, and creative things such as the goblet drinks at the Sugar Factory. I was able to make a trip there in New York recently to try the "Lollipop Passion" which is a tropical theme drink consisting of melon, pineapple, and coconut juice topped with two lollipops, and a tart candy bracelet. Once you have placed your order for the drink, the server comes by with a giant glass filled with ice, and the drink mix in a metal container. Here comes the fun part! You get to pour in the drink into your cup follow by instant smoke, and fizzle from the drink. Let me start by saying that this drink was very tasty. Though with any creative food or drink it certainly comes with a price. This drink cost about thirty bucks which is expensive, but it was worth the experience for those with a sweet tooth. If you ever are curious about trying this drink, and amazing the people outside (yes, they do stop by, and look), there are several Sugar Factory locations in New York. Other states that carry a Sugar Factory include Nevada and Florida.

                          All photos taken by me  - (Left: Lollipop Goblet, Right: Lollipops)


  1. This drink looks INSANE!!!! Making me thirsty ;)
    xx Leah


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